Qualified Leverage StrategyTM

Unlock Retirement Plan Assets

As Proformex changes life insurance management, QLSTM changes the future of retirement wealth management.

Taxes are the largest expense we pay in our lifetimes. And subject to the greatest taxation of all─your qualified retirement plan asset.

That’s why we introduce our clients to the patent-pending solution of the Qualified Leverage StrategyTM because it targets asset distribution, so you and your heirs realize substantially more at wealth transfer.

Wouldn’t you rather free yourself from the burden of oppressive taxes at distribution?

Of course.

What is QLSTM ?

QLSTM enables a more holistic planning approach for high-net-worth families, business owners, and your trusted advisors. And here’s how:

QLSTM strategically repositions your qualified retirement plan assets, and a portion of your personal outside savings, into a Roth and a life insurance policy, all within current tax codes and federal guidelines.

We base our strategy on a little-known exception:

You can remove a life insurance policy from a qualified retirement plan tax-free, if it is sold to the plan participant (or a trust) for the policy’s fair market value.

We then set in motion a flexible yet strategic sequencing of assets both inside and outside your qualified plan. This action results in a considerable reduction of current and future taxes.

You receive:

  • Greater retirement income
  • Greater charitable endowments
  • Larger wealth transfer to your heirs

Best of all, you do not lose 40 percent or more to taxes.

QLSTM unlocks retirement plan assets and minimizes tax burden, leaving greater assets for wealth transfer, philanthropy, and income.

Let’s discuss how QLSTM can work for you and your family.
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