About You

Axia Global caters to a special kind of successful individual.

You’ve worked hard all your life to build something of real value,
to grow your assets,
to accumulate wealth,
to be in a position to leave a legacy.

You may be a foreign national seeking residence,
or currently live in the U.S. under a green card seeking citizenship,
or an American citizen, or an international investor.

You may be a business owner. A real estate investor.
An accomplished professional or executive.
Or the fortunate beneficiary of generational wealth.


Estate values can shrink up to 40% under U.S. tax laws.


Statistics show as much as 80% can evaporate in three years without proper planning.

A common bond connects you all.

A deep concern over what happens to the wealth you’ve generated when you live, die, quit or become disabled. And how one of those life events will affect your family.

If you live or invest America, you face heavy tax consequences on what you own. In fact, estate values can shrink up to 40 percent under U.S. tax laws. While the remainder transfers to your children, statistics tell us as much as 80 percent can evaporate in three years without proper planning.

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Our Mission

To enable you to own tax-advantaged assets that produce, where possible, tax-free income, regardless at what stage in life you acquire those assets.

You know how to earn money.
We ensure you keep it.

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