Untangling the 2017 Tax Reform for Foreign Nationals

A wealthy foreign national (let’s say his name is Benson) with heirs in the United States could have a problem. The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has created a land mine of penalties and taxes for those who are not careful when transferring assets to US-based individuals. Outlined below are a few solutions to help… Read more »

This Dark Horse May Help you Lasso in Benefits from the Latest Tax Reform

Silhouette on a Saddle

Have you ever felt like you were sitting in a quagmire of new tax regulations, wondering if you will ever emerge from the fog of confusion? Not only that, but finding a way to benefit from the tax changes seems as elusive as the morning dew.  But just when you feel all hope is lost,… Read more »

Why the Trump Tax Reform May Change the Way You Do Business (for Small Business Owners)

Small Business Factory

With Rachel pregnant and on bed-rest, Andy needed quick and healthy foods for his wife and yet-to-be-born daughter. It was the year 1987, and even in California, he simply couldn’t find anything organic and ready-to-serve on the market. With that, a new business idea was born. Thank You, Small Business Owners According to the Harvard… Read more »

The Terms for Term Life Insurance: Advanced Estate Planning Strategies

Advanced Estate Planning Strategies

Most Estate Plans include some form of life insurance; likely a permanent life insurance policy that helps them ensure their legacy after they die. However, there is sometimes a still a home for term life insurance within an estate plan. Term life insurance provides coverage for only a period of time (as agreed between the… Read more »

Outsmart the IRS: This Strategy Can Eliminate Estate Taxes on your Home

Expensive Home

Picture This: Your daughter Lupita and her husband Armando love your $5 million home and cherish the memories they have had there. After you have passed away, and they inherit the home, they decide not to sell.  You have arranged for them to own the house outright, and they don’t have to pay any estate… Read more »

3 Estate Planning Secrets for Investment Properties

In the game of Monopoly (™), the person with the most properties in the end usually wins. In real life, having the most properties in the end could also mean paying the most in taxes. Let’s take a look at how to maximize your investments in real estate while minimizing your taxes. Catch 22 Investment… Read more »

Municipal Bonds: Finding a Better Way

Municipal bonds

Some of the effects of the recent tax reform remain to be seen. However, one thing is for sure.  It has generated a lot of volatility in the municipal bond market (munis). Consider this – December 2017 saw the greatest issuance of municipal bonds in history, while January 2018 was the worst January since 1981… Read more »