Proformex ─ Know Where You Stand

You deserve superior governance of your suite of insurance policies. That’s why Axia Global professionals use the leading software system and tracking platform in the industry to manage and monitor policy performance.

Conceived and built to improve the management of life insurance policies, Proformex raises the accountability of insurance carriers and their products to deliver on promises made to policyholders.

With Proformex, we analyze whether contracts are performing as intended and provide notice when they are not. As a result, we create for you a new professional standard of proactive policy management.

Tracking on Five Parameters

  • Tracks with precision the performance of our clients’ inforce policies
  • Produces simplified, intuitive client policy performance reports
  • Automates requests for annual carrier ledgers

Knowledge Equals Confidence

And confidence equals peace of mind.

Our policyholders deserve the benefit of knowledge. With Proformex, you realize:

  • On-demand access to crucial information
  • Continuous tracking of policy performance
  • Time-sensitive premium notices
  • Simplified policy reporting
  • Alerts on potential contract issues

Tracking Key Areas

One More Advantage

By introducing this powerful technology to your professional partners, CPAs, trust companies and attorneys, we create additional opportunities to work on your behalf as a unified force seeking fresh solutions and higher service.

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