Prime Opportunity ─ Private Placement Life Insurance

Adopt a Smarter Way to Own Assets Before IRS Scrutiny

Our centerpiece program for advantaged assets is Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI).

PPLI is a flexible, tax-favored structure designed to hold interests in various asset classes, including hedge funds, managed accounts, both private and public equity, limited partnerships and real estate featuring:

  • Custom-tailored life insurance policy from a U.S. or non-U.S. Insurance carrier
  • Policy value linked to your investment portfolio
  • Tax-advantaged: Income from policy investment tax-deferred, eventually tax-free
  • Receive distributions and your policy death benefit tax-free

By converting assets in an insurance structure, PPLI has the power to transform highly inefficient taxable assets into favorable tax-efficient investments.

Either domestic or international clients may access a PPLI to more efficiently to own assets and avoid income and capital gains tax and, if arranged properly, future estate tax.

Case Study ─ Winning Solution

Recently, Axia Global designed a PPLI for a foreign national to invest in U.S. real estate.

He legally avoided income tax on real estate holdings and associated cash flow. Best of all, the PPLI eliminated a potential 15 percent [FRPTA] tax on the sales price.

Gain the Advantages of PPLI

Because international taxpayers are treated differently from U.S. taxpayers, when they buy a home in the U.S., and die prematurely, their tax exemption amounts to only $153,000─not the $5.49 million exemption granted to U.S. citizens.

If they invest in an apartment building, they must automatically set aside 30 percent of investment income. When they sell, they are potentially taxed 15 percent of the sale price, not the gain.

If their assets go into a PPLI, they pay no income tax, no capital gain on the sale, and avoid taxes completely.

While we acknowledge foreign nationals can avoid income taxes with advanced planning techniques, you cannot avoid exposure to capital gains or estate tax without a PPLI.

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