Asset Ownership


The Measure of True Wealth is Not What You Own
But How You Own it.

Are your assets in a trust?
Or a charitable gift generating income?
Do you own your assets individually?

Perhaps, you’ve placed your assets in a trust to avoid probate through the courts.

Or you’ve put them in a trust outside of your estate.

Simply put, when you own an asset in life, income tax and capital gains apply.

When you die, estate taxes apply.

How You Own Assets

Until now, asset ownership came down to three choices:

  1. Give it to charity
  2. Give it to your family
  3. Give it to the government

Which would you prefer to do?

There’s a fourth choice.

With Axia Global, you can limit the long reach of the government.

We offer legal mechanisms to help you hold onto a larger percentage of your assets.

Working closely with our team of Attorneys, CPAs, and Trust Officers, we show you how to own assets smarter, simplify risk exposure and mitigate your taxes. Already work with a financial team? Axia Global will fit in seamlessly and augment its expertise.

Don’t reach the end of life and wonder,
“What was that all about?”

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