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Why You’ll Never View Life Insurance the Same Way Again

Private Placement Life Insurance protects assets

With the 2017 tax reform, there were a few items that could have drastically changed estate planning strategies for the affluent individual. But, let’s keep a few things in mind: The bill passed with zero Democrat support. When Democrats get back the majority, they are likely to do whatever is in their power to dismantle… Read more »

3 Tips Savvy Investors Use to Manage Insurance

Couple Managing Insurance Plans

Let’s face it, even with the new tax laws in place, insurance policies are the most tax efficient ways to generate wealth and transfer it to the next generation. Savvy advisors and investors know that well-managed assets should include a strategic use of life insurance, along with other investment vehicles.  An Investor’s Secret Weapon Just… Read more »

The Gift that Lasts a Lifetime

gift planning for a lifetime

You can’t help but catch your breath a little as you gaze into the eyes of your first grandchild, baby Ava. You hold her closely, feeling the warm bundle settle in your arms, and you gently kiss the top of her delicate, sweet face. You want nothing more than for her to be happy and… Read more »