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What to Know Before You Go

For immigrants who are planning on moving to the US, the IRS will welcome you with open arms. But for wealthy individuals, this embrace can be “very expensive”. They say that prior planning prevents poor performance; and protecting your assets from US taxes before a move to the US could save you and your children… Read more »

Untaxable: An Estate Asset and Retirement Program

Putting money in your pocket

Slow and steady wins the race, so they say. But what happens if just before the finish line, the hare picks up the tortoise, places him back at the halfway point, and races to an unheralded victory? Think of your retirement savings as the tortoise, and taxes as the hare. After you have accumulated your… Read more »

How to have that Awkward Conversation about Long Term Care

“Dad, Sandra and I have been thinking about how we can best take care of you when you get older. When can we set aside some time to talk about your plans and expectations?” Chances are, your parents have been thinking about this very issue, but didn’t know how to bring it up. When you finally… Read more »

The Terms for Term Life Insurance: Advanced Estate Planning Strategies

Advanced Estate Planning Strategies

Most Estate Plans include some form of life insurance; likely a permanent life insurance policy that helps them ensure their legacy after they die. However, there is sometimes a still a home for term life insurance within an estate plan. Term life insurance provides coverage for only a period of time (as agreed between the… Read more »