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How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Long Term Care Insurance

The Rising Cost of Long Term Care Insurance Recently, Long Term Care Insurance [LTCI] policy-holders are reporting that their premiums are becoming unpredictable. The most dramatic increases are affecting customers who have had these policies for the longest amount of time.  I don’t know that we can fully blame long term care insurance companies. They… Read more »

Outsmart the IRS: This Strategy Can Eliminate Estate Taxes on your Home

Expensive Home

Picture This: Your daughter Lupita and her husband Armando love your $5 million home and cherish the memories they have had there. After you have passed away, and they inherit the home, they decide not to sell.  You have arranged for them to own the house outright, and they don’t have to pay any estate… Read more »

How John Amassed a Million: A Private Placement Case Study

Let’s walk through how someone could amass millions more through Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) than through most other investment vehicles. For a definition, benefits and other considerations for PPLI, read our blog, “Why You’ll Never View Life Insurance The Same Way Again”. Let’s say John reads an article, and realizes that for PPLI, funds… Read more »